About us

Bob Lippert , Founder

Bob was an only child born July 8, 1924 in Ontario, Canada. His family manufactured furniture and Bob started his career in selling veneer. Bob later joined the Navy in 1941 and met a gentleman named Arthur Needham, who was a chemist.  Together they created Bob Lippert Registered. The first product they developed were tire plugs. Then in 1967 the pintlepin was developed for the paper machine clothing industry.

Nelda Schnarr, Founder

Nelda was born June 8, 1928 in Ontario, Canada. A hair dresser by trade Nelda inherited the business in 1977 when her husband Bob Lippert passed away. Nelda continued operating the business until 1984 when her daugher L'Nell purchased the company with her husband.  Nelda retired and enjoyed watching the company grow under the leadership of L'Nell & Andre.

About Lippert

Lippert International Inc is the largest producer of pintle wires and pintlepin accessories in both the paper machine clothing and light industrial conveyor belting industry.  

One of the keys to our success has been our customization of the pintlepins to meet the needs of the customers.  We have a large variety of pintle materials in different types and diameters. Thus, making it easier for you to order pintlepins custom made for your unique applications. 

We will also hold your material on consignment for pintle pin construction upon request. Contact one of our representatives today for more information.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest quality products, while maintaining a safe and pleasant workplace for all our employees. We aim to accomplish this by continually investing in our company in order to maintain and improve on our services and products while making sufficient profit to accommodate the needs of our workforce and workplace.

Our multilingual staff is committed to listening and responding to the needs of our customers. We constantly strive for improvement both individually and as a group so that we can find new ways to create additional benefits for our customers. We treat our customers as strategic partners in our business, for ultimately, they decide our success, growth and future.

Our Team


L'Nell Corriveau, Owner

The daughter of Nelda Schnarr, L'Nell worked in the business ever since Lippert was first formed in 1967. L'Nell ran the braiders as a part time job while going to school. In 1984 L'Nell along with her husband Andre, purchased Lippert from her mother and grew Lippert into a multinational company today doing business in over 50 countries worldwide.


Andre Corriveau, Owner

Andre started his career as an assistant manager for A&P. On Oct 9, 1971 Andre married L'Nell and moved to Magog. He continued working as a manager for A&P but also started helping his mother-in-law with the operations of Lippert.  Having worked with Nelda until 1984 Andre and L'Nell then purchased Lippert and moved the company to Rockforest where he became the operations manager and vice president. 

Michael Corriveau, President

Michael has worked at Lippert for many years.  Since his early days working on the production line to production manager and now general operations manager and president. He brings his years of experience to Lippert guiding the culture of constant improvement and modernization to meet the current challenges.

Robert Corriveau, 

VP of Strategic Planning

Having started working in production at the age of 16 helping his parents Andre & L'Nell meet the growing production demands of the time, Robert has since moved through several roles at Lippert including customer service, sales, HR manager, site manager and now works as V.P. of strategic planning.

Jose Infante, 

International Sales Manager

A born communicator with the ability to speak and write in four different languages, Jose has been a key figure in Lippert's international sales team.  He originally started working for Lippert in the production department and has since steadily grown within the company. He now is the manager at the sales office in Madrid, Spain.

Kimberly Paxton, 

Chief Quality Officer

Kimberly with her years of experience in quality manages all the quality policies and product specifications to each and every product Lippert produces. Kimberly was an integral figure in creating the policies for Lippert's ISO 9001 certification and continues to monitor and train the quality controller staff at Lippert.

Rosalie Daoust, 

Administrative & Accounting 


Rosalie joined the Lippert team in 2013 bringing her administrative talents to the organization.  A quick learner she has taken on more and more responsibilities at Lippert since she first started.

Quality policy

Quality Policy

Lippert International  Inc is a family-owned company founded on the belief that we will serve our customers with the highest quality possible. Our Policy is to strive to reach the requirements of the client with durability to each and every product.

Lippert International Inc’s objectives are to grow every year so that we may continue to provide the best quality possible for every product and at the same time achieve the best service and delivery for our customer.